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Re: What games are you playing currently?

Finished the Hexagon achievement in Super Hexagon (after 12-13 hours of play). Not enough games just make you feel like a badass for beating them these days, but this is most definitely one of them.

Finished Dishonored main game twice (once nice guy mostly stealth, once incredible murdering asshole, got to love those assassination animations), though I am still doing the trials, and have the Knife of Dunwall DLC yet to play as well. Great game.

Finished Rogue Legacy around level 100, though I still want to do the New Game+. The first couple of cracks at it really kicked my ass though. I guess it's back to grinding for gold.

Trying to get back into Mark of the Ninja which is awesome but I just randomly left half done. It's a lot like a 2D Dishonored now that I think about it. Knocked out a level tonight.

Would like to get back and unlock the remaining ships in FTL.

Also need to get back to Mass Effect 3. But it's really just not pulling me back. Will get back to it eventually.
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