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Re: Charting the Novel-verse's Discontinuities

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As for Marla, we have no clue how she died. If it was brain bugs, I doubt healing blood would cure madness - if anything (as we may see in STXIII), it'd cause it.
Actually, Khan does say that it was the Ceti eel which killed McGivers ("it killed twenty of my people...including my beloved wife"). And if he had used his blood to treat her, it might have caused her body to expel or kill the eel as a foreign substance.
Or perhaps created a Khan-blood-powered Super Eel!

But seriously, I think under the best of circumstances it might have left Khan with a physically healthy but mentally severely impaired or insane wife.

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I've found that different people disagree on what's reconcilable and what isn't.
Agreed. In my personal continuity, I have no problems with the Kirk on Excelsior and Spock on Surak comics set between ST3 and ST4, although many dismiss them as incompatable.
I find the first run of DC Comics very awkward to reconcile with the rest of Trek, I must admit. The first couple of issues had the Enterprise return to Earth immediately after the incident with Khan, and Kirk get demoted to captain, but he's suddenly an admiral again in TSFS. Then there's the character of Konom, a renegade Klingon who joins Starfleet, whereas televised canon dictates that as of the 24th century, Worf is the only Klingon to have ever served on a Federation starship.
I think the first can be reconciled by saying Kirk held the rank of Admiral but had the position of captain. Admiral Pike in Into Darkness would appear to have been about to do the same thing.

As for Konom, we was an enlisted crewman. Worf was the first Klingon officer in Starfleet. That's my fudge for it, anyway.[/quote]
Things only get trickier in the comics set between TSFS and TVH. For one thing, there's the fact that the Excelsior is portrayed as being huge enough for Kruge's bird-of-prey to fit inside its shuttle bay. And why was it left in there so long anyway?[/QUOTE]
The Excelsior's an odd case in that the model was detailed to indicate a ship much larger than it's supposed size of 467m. But even at it's apparent "real" size of 622m (which would give deck heights on par with an NX-class vessel) and the smallest possible Klingon Bird of Prey size of about 50m, they don't fit.

But then again, Neelix's ship somehow fitted inside Voyager...
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