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Re: And now The Newsroom....

Imagine Aaron Sorkin shat on your summer 2 years ago where you believed you'd did a cromulent thing for the enbiggening of the entire country, fricking heroic... Working, probably volunteering, towards the perfection of the political machine ensuring that the next leader of the country is righteous and magnificent, and that if your guy isn't put in office, then you put up such a good fight that no jerkoffs got ahead of your position easily.

This is real.

"Boo, hoo, Aaroon Sorkin is making fun of us."

It happened.

Google it.

"We just want the world to know that we would NEVER eject anyone off the Romney Bus because we are small and sad and do not appreciate some Mr Hollywood millionaire asshole shitting on our summer 2 years ago and need another 15 minutes of fame by any means necessary."
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