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Re: Dark Territory: Staring Into The Abyss

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Starship Cuffe
Main Bridge

“Benjamin,” Gul Dukat’s tone was mildly chiding, “I would expect you would be a bit more grateful at the sight of your rescuers.” Sisko grunted loudly in response. Dukat chuckled, “Certainly the fabled Emissary of the Prophets appreciates the idea of a savior.”

“You are many things Dukat, but a messiah isn’t one of them,” Sisko retorted. Dukat sat back in his chair, feigning hurt.

“I guess that depends on where you’re sitting,” the Cardassian replied jauntily, “And right now you are in need of my help.”

“I’m Captain Terrence Glover, Starship Cuffe,” Glover interceded, “I am the captain of this ship and any entreaties you make, you will address them to me.”

“Ah yes,” Dukat’s gaze flicked to Glover. Terrence got the distinct impression that the still smirking Cardassian was sizing him up, “Benjamin’s roommate.”

Terrence kept his face impassive, not wanting to give Dukat the surprised expression he was digging for. He was astonished though that Dukat had studied Sisko’s history so thoroughly and perhaps his own. This guy was one to keep an eye on. “And a moderately successful record during our war,” Dukat added, his smile receding a bit.

“I’m still here, I can’t say the same for many of the ships I fought against,” On one level Terrence knew it was not the smartest thing to antagonize the Cardassians, but he couldn’t help taking the smug Dukat down a peg or two. And he wasn’t going to let the man think that he or anyone on his ship was going to beg them for help.

“Yes, you are still here, but that existence is precarious,” Dukat’s tone carried just a tint of threat, “unless we deal with our common foe.”

“So that is how you found us?” Sisko asked.

“Though it might pinch your ego I did not start out in search of you,” Dukat replied, with an exaggerated pout. “Of course I had heard about your visit to Helophis and subsequent disappearance and I prayed that you were alright. It is good to know that prayers can still be answered.” Dukat gave a pointed nod and paused, waiting for a reaction.

“Gul Dukat please continue,” Terrence groused. Inwardly he was pleased that Sisko hadn’t taken the bait.

“Ah yes, so the Vanaste and I were sent to render assistance to Zubrin colony, in return for Starfleet’s aid on Helophis. It was from your crew on Zubrin that we learned you had followed the Borg scout ship. We picked up the warp trails and laid in a pursuit course. To be honest I was expecting your ship to be mere debris by now.”

“Thanks,” Glover retorted.

“You have earned my respect Captain Glover,” Dukat added.

“Just what I’ve always wanted,” Terrence flashed a hard smile. His counterpart chuckled.

“You are the fun one I see,” Dukat beamed. “Hopefully you’ll be around the next time I visit Terok Nor. Benjamin can be so serious. He needs more cheer in his life.”

“Sirs, I hate to interrupt,” Lt. Dryer said.

“What is it Lieutenant?” Glover swiveled around in his chair, glad to have an excuse to not have to look at Dukat’s arrogant mug.

“The scout ship,” The woman frowned, “It’s charging weapons!”
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