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Re: Fitness Checkin

So.. just to join this band here (and another way of keeping me motivated).

I'm a soon to be 38 year old male, 170cm height and as of this morning 150kg bodyweight.

Enough is enough so i have taken active measures. I have bought myself a bike again (strengthened due to my weight) after 10+ years of absolutely no sports.

So far i'm healthy as one can be with such weight.. no blood, joint or other problems (i had a checkup last fall in the hospital due to kidney stones) but time is running out.

I already sweat like a pig when its above 25 degrees Celsius and i have to walk the stairs or just down the street and my doctor is concerned.

Took my first bike ride this morning (way too hot to do so during the day as it's 30+ regularly for the past few weeks) and it was a bit painful but ok for the 30 minutes i managed.

I aim to do this ride as much as i can.. optimum would be to do so each evening after work but i know myself

As soon as it gets too cold for bikes i'll switch over to swimming (something i loved to do in ages past).

So wish me luck and above all the willpower not to give up.
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