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Re: NFL 2013 Off-Season Discussion

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I apparently got up to date on this "Drew Brees is a bad tipper" controversy a little late (sorry, I don't follow the NFL religiously during the off-season). If you're not familiar with the story, Drew Brees left a $3 tip on a $74 tab at a restaurant. The catch (and was not originally reported)? It was a takeout order, and the employee who got the tip (probably a fully paid kitchen staffer, not a waiter/waitress) should be lucky to have gotten any tip at all.

For the record, I don't tip on takeout orders. Unless the food is ordered from my table and brought out to me, there was no "service" taking place.
For what it's worth, the restaurant I used to work for paid the to go employees 4 dollars an hour so they did depend on tips to make a living wage. It wasn't clearly articulated to the customers so I didn't blame them for not knowing. There was a tip jar, but it kept getting stolen. I felt bad for the employees either way, though. Working really hard for no tip in a tip-based job kind of sucks.
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