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Re: George Lucas - Why the Vitriol?

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IIRC, Ahmed Best had a fair amount of input as to what Jar-Jar acted and sounded like. So you can't blame only Lucas for that.
Ummm yes, I can. Because I believe the Director has a lot to say in the performance of the actor and the look/performance of an actor (CGI character.) So Lucas could have said, "No, that sounds utterly stupid and like a horrible cross between a Jamaican racial stereotype, Roger Rabbit huffing Helium and a bad impersonation of Mike Meyers. Do something else."

Besides, I doubt Ahmed had much input in such "funny" Jar-Jar moments like him stepping in poop at the space port, getting his tongue zapped in the pod-racer engine moorings and whatever the fuck that Keystone Cop routine was during the final battle.
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