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Re: When did the perception of Insurrection change?

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A claim that they were not exercising under their little ruse.
Which is the major flaw with this film. No one acts normally. The S'ona are secretive when they don't need to be and no one simply asks the Ba'ku if they're willing to move.

Insurrection is easily the poorest of the twelve Trek films.

yep, that's basically the problem. Insurrection is basically one giant idiot plot, meaning, a movie that falls apart completely if ANY of the major characters involved show a bit of common sense and don't act like idiots.

Why doesn't Ru'afo just tell Dougherty the truth? It would make the whole deception unnecessary. This is COMPLETELY unexplained.

Why doesn't Picard or Dougherty ask the Baku to relocate voluntarily?

again, the answer to both is "because the premise is poorly thought out."
I think if Insurrection had just been a bad TNG episode, it would have been more forgivable because it would have been over after 45 minutes. Instead the movie just kept going and going.
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