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Re:'s "Finale" poll

Endgame over WYLB? Even some of Voyager's cast were 'meh' about it.

They start off the episode by revealing Voyager already made it back to the AQ. And simply end it with them being surrounded by ships just after they reached the AQ.

One problem I had with Endgame is the time traveling. Overdone by the time Voyager started .

And then Voyager really overdid it. Cant count how many time travel episodes it aired. There's no longer anything fascinating about it on Trek.

Hell, Janeway simply borrows a time travel device and goes back.

WYLB had some pretty good action, but I'll admit the Pah Wraith, good versus evil plot was silly.

AGT kept it simple, a little too much technobabble, but a nice simple episode.
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