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Re: Season 3 HD starts next week in UK

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BTW, watching SyFy, the picture quality in season 3 episode is visibly better than season 2. Is that the same on the Blu-rays, to anyone who owns the discs?
Yes, S2 was remastered quite poorly by a 3rd party. There was quite the outrage when it was released in December 2012. Are you really not reading the reviews of the Blu-ray sets? I dunno how you can't be at least curious how they turn out even if you aren't buying them.
I wasn't aware of that at the time, as I'd been out of the Trek loop for ages, since 2010, possibly earlier. I wasn't even aware that there was an HD remastering of TNG until a few months ago when I was browsing the channels on Sky looking for Trek episodes to watch! Having just seen Into Darkness in the cinema, I needed a Trek fix ASAP, or some kind of reminding that the sci-fi franchise I used to love wasn't as bad as the film I'd just paid to see.

(There's no chance of a DS9 remastering into HD, is there?)
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