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Re: When did the perception of Insurrection change?

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^^^ and the irony is that fans generally clamor to have TNG as it was on television rather than the different entity it became in the movies.

And here INS is likened to an eps of the series... and still not good enough. Tough crowd.
You can be true to the original TV series and still good. "Insurrection" wasn't just like an episode of the series, it was like a bad episode of the series.

It's too bad, too, because at the time I was really looking forward to a film in which time travel played no part.
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the box office performance was way down from FC, it made $20 million less. It had a solid opening weekend, then fell flat after that, disappearing from theaters in about a month.(which was fast for those days) This indicates that it WASN'T particularly well-received, and its reputation is not solely a "Nemesis thing."
Exactly. I don't think the perception of "Insurrection" has ever changed. It was always seen as a disappointment. Sherry Lansing at Paramount publicly suggested the next Trek film after "Insurrection" might not feature the TNG cast. The whole purpose of the changes we saw for "Nemesis" -- hiring an outside writer and director, waiting longer than normal to release the film -- was to rebound from what the studio viewed as a failure. They did not want another "Insurrection." (Unfortunately for them, they got even worse with "Nemesis.")
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