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Re: Netflix Removes The Search For Spock

Dukhat wrote: View Post
That ill-written article meant that the film as originally shown on Netflix neglected to add the subtitles when Klingons and Vulcans spoke their native language.
Yes, they meant to write "with English subtitles for the Klingon and Vulcan dialogue." I'd love to see a movie actually subtitled in Klingon or Vulcan, though. In fact, some fan with too much time on his hands has probably done it!

Hober Mallow wrote: View Post
I'm confused. Why would Netflix need to add the subtitles. Aren't they already there in this movie?
Commercial theatrical film prints are several generations removed from the camera negative. Therefore, the source elements used to create the video master may not have had subtitles built in. Also, subtitles may be digitally re-done for video media for clarity and legibility.

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