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Re: New Star Wars animated show "Rebels" coming fall 2014

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I dunno... I'm not sure Palps is a subtle or intelligent enough character to be up to Weisman's standards of villain writing. Not every bad guy can be a Xanatos.
I know its been a while but...

I don't know Weisman's Doc Ock was a pretty cartoony super villain and he sure as hell didn't seem subtle.
But he wasn't the show's mastermind, just a subordinate. He'd compare to someone like Sevarius or Wolf. The masterminds in Spectacular Spider-Man were Osborn and Tombstone, though I believe it was Tombstone (who was reimagined as basically the show's surrogate Kingpin) who was the Xanatos-like schemer.
Does Osborn really count since he went all psycho Green Goblin in the end and hooked up a whole bunch of pumpkin bomb launchers and stuff in the end?
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