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Re: The ENT and Melakon

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2:12 - The Catwalk

TV Blurb: The crew takes shelter from a dangerous storm by moving everyone into one of the nacelles. But then aliens invade the ship! Written by Mike Sussman & Phyllis Strong. Directed by Mike Vejar.

I really liked this episode for the character relationship moments, but disliked the aliens taking over the ship subplot. I think the story might have been more effective had it concentrated on the relationships of the crew while battling the storm, not just waiting it out.
I agree, the alien invasion plot was by far the weakest aspect of this episode. Other than that, I quite enjoyed it. I think that if "The Catwalk" had been made during the first season, when there were a lot more episodes focused on exploration and the crew encountering strangeness in the galaxy, then the episode probably would have focused more on the crew battling the storm, instead. But most of Season Two's episodes seemed to tack on extraneous action subplots, usually to their detriment.
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