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Re: Episode of the Week: 3x05 "The Bonding"

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Unobotainium was basically space oil. It's a lifestyle enhancer.
Is that explicitly established in the film, or are you assuming?

I don't remember what they were saying about the Dominion in the movie, I haven't seen it since it first came out and I didn't catch DS9 until it aired on Spike. But 'It helps the war effort' is something you can say no matter what when there's a war on, and mild technical advancements fall under that umbrella.
Dougherty states explicitly that the medical treatments made possible by these particles will help billions. That's billions, with a B. There is no indication that he's lying. War or no war, we're talking about the healthcare of billions being thwarted by 600.

And Up The Long Ladder was a terrible episode and the solution a necessity for survival which they talked them into, they did not coerce them into it. Protecting a smaller power from a coercive larger power is a common theme in Star Trek.
What is a common theme, especially starting with TNG, is making very subjective judgments about who are good guys and who are bad guys and imposing that judgment on others.

Starfleet wants to relocate the Ba'ku in order to provide medical care to billions of people. This is regarded as an outrageous crime. The Ba'ku exiled the S'ona from the same planet for the benefit of nobody but the Ba'ku themselves. This is totally cool.
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