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Re: Is there an episode that made you shed a tear or cry?

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Real tears no, but I remember when the Enterprise exploded in Star Trek III it was a most emotional moment. I didn't believe for a second the countdown was "for real".

But if I was standing, I'd have had to sit down.
The destruction of the Enterprise hit me harder than the death or Spock or Kirk... I was numb for the rest of the picture. It was like experiencing an unexpected death in the family, which in real life I had several months before.

I still get a bit choked up when Shatner says "My god Bones, what have I done?"
Even though not much of the original TV Enterprise was in the movie refit, you are correct..this was the ship that travelled to Talos IV, that left the galaxy several times, that battled the Doomsday Machine, and so much more, the setting for all the adventures of the TOS crew. It is natural that we would think of it as another beloved character and not just a piece of hardware.
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