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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

Epilogue Moscow Mule... continues.

Clueless Larry has written an article about Piper... "One Sentence, Two Prisoners". Piper isn't thrilled with the title but she's called him to congratulate his publication in the New York FREAKING Times! Since Healy was an ass, she hasn't been able to read it herself, so she asks him to read it on the phone.

Doesn't that strike you as strange? Wouldn't you have thought he would have shared it with her BEFORE sharing it with the entire NYT's reading public? Wouldn't you have thought he would have cleared with her what parts of her life she wanted the wide world to know about?

What a punk.

Of course, it doesn't matter what you write, it just matters that you are published and so their friends decide to fete Larry at a bar. Larry at least has the good graces to seem out of sorts, knowing that something is missing in his joy. I would have been happy with his epiphany if he had taken the next step and realized that PIPER was what was missing.

But he didn't.

It was an interesting episode this "week" with respect to the interweaving pregnancy story lines. The pregnant Hispanic lady went into labor but couldn't go to the hospital until the contractions were a minute apart. Polly, Piper's best friend also went into labor while in the bar with Larry and their friends. She went much sooner. The flashbacks this week show Piper and Larry talking over their fears/feeling over the possibility that Piper was pregnant 3 months before she was to turn herself into the prison. Piper wanted children and thought being pregnant would allow her to do something "meaningful" with her time in the clink. Larry doesn't sound like he's interested in kids, and he really ISN'T interested in being a single parent.

"Past Piper" cries on Larry's shoulder when the pregnancy test returns NEGATIVE.

The pregnant Hispanic lady cries BEFORE she delivers when she sees how little respect Mama Diaz has for her daughter Daya AND vice a versa. (You two are like a novella... you are like some cautionary tale shit, you two should tour schools for abstinence, because a minute with you two is better than "plan B" )

There are no tears when newly delivered Hispanic Mama is wheeled back into the common room of the prison after her trip to the hospital. There are no tears because she was in shock, after the delivery and leaving the baby behind.

Polly has no tears as she cradles her baby in the hospital, but that's ok because Piper is crying enough for the 2 of them while she talks to Larry on the phone the day after the birth.

Piper: Do you think I'm a narcissist, or a horse's ass?
Larry: No! You're not. Why would you say that?
Piper: (remorseful) I missed your party... (quietly) I couldn't get the dryer open... And I wasn't there when my best friend had her baby. It's just shitty.
Larry: (Looks around the hospital hallway) I know.
Piper: (Just starts crying into the tissue her fellow inmate just handed her.)

Mama Diaz comes by to check on her daughter, Daya, who's still in bed with nausea. Mama reassured Daya that her symptoms would go away in "9 months".

There's yet one more mother/daughter tale to discuss from this episode.
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