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Re: The ENT and Melakon

2:12 - The Catwalk

TV Blurb: The crew takes shelter from a dangerous storm by moving everyone into one of the nacelles. But then aliens invade the ship! Written by Mike Sussman & Phyllis Strong. Directed by Mike Vejar.

I really liked this episode for the character relationship moments, but disliked the aliens taking over the ship subplot. I think the story might have been more effective had it concentrated on the relationships of the crew while battling the storm, not just waiting it out.

There are many scenes I liked: Archer catching T'Pol in a misstatement, Malcolm bitching about the food although he's known for eating whatever's in front of him, and Travis gets some things to do besides sit and pilot the ship with his mouth shut.

This episode introduces the idea of an alternate piloting station, which apparently develops into TOS' auxiliary control room and evolves into TNG's battle bridge.

Season's outtakes include Connor Trinneer trying very hard not to laugh when Scott Bakula stumbles over a line.

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