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Re: Why The Hate For Superman Returns?

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I don't get this. Superman snaps Zod's neck and people shrug. Superman check up on Lois Lane and he's some evil stalker. I don't get it.
Basically, people nowdays go out of their way to look for things to be offended about, instead of, you know, actually ENJOYING a movie or TV show.

I don't get it either, but that's how it is now. I hope it changes. I really do. People need to relax.
That, and I think that expanding the concept of stalking to what Superman did in this movie is going out there a lot (I also think that the concept of stalking has been overblown and turned into a law that should have never been; we're criminalizing being in love just because somebody got murdered?)

With regards to MOS, I'll say this again; people are getting the Superman movie they deserve.
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