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Re: Worf in "Parallels"

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This is an episode that made me wonder - why does the crew keep "personal logs?" I mean, what is the function of them? Other than letting the audience know what's going on...

Do they think they'll want to watch them in future, as a way of keeping treasured memories? Is it like they're writing in their journals or something? That seems like an odd thing for someone like Worf to do. "Dear Diary, today I won the Bat'leth tournament, yay! It was hard but I believed in myself and I won the trophy for the bestest player! Now I'm going back to my duties on the Enterprise. I'm really looking forward to it, but uh-oh! Today is my BIRTHDAY! I hope the crew don't throw me a surprise party. Love, Worf."
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Men can keep journals. It isn't a teenage girl thing.
Why would you assume that only teenage girls, and not men, would talk like the example in my post?
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