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Re: Federation Versus The Romulan Empire

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There actually is evidence that Starfleet has more ships.
Oh? When is it stated on screen that Starfleet has more ships? When?

kgartm wrote:
For one, the Federation is a lot bigger than the Romulan Empire, so it'd need more ships to cover that area.
That's not evidence. It's a logical conclusion, but it's not evidence to support your point.

kgartm1185 wrote:
Also, during the Dominion War, there were clearly more Starfleet and Klingon ships than Romulan.
Dialogue clearly establishes that the Romulans maintained a separate front with the Dominion, so one would not expect to see the same number of Romulan ships compared to either the Federation or the Klingons. Still waiting for evidence.

kgartm1185 wrote:
Anyways, maybe no one has ever said that Starfleet is stronger than the Romulans, but onscreen evidence sure does point to Starfleet.
If it's never been stated or shown on screen, then there's no evidence. Congratulations on shooting down your argument.

kgartm1185 wrote:
In the TV shows and movies, Starfleet has always had a more powerful ship than the Romulan's flagship.
What are you basing that on, as we never actually see the Romulan flagship in action? It's stated in "What You Leave Behind" that a vessel carrying the designation of the the Romulan flagship is destroyed, but we never see the vessel or hear of it at any other time. There's no way to know how successful the ship was against Dominion opponents based on a single line of dialogue.

kgartm1185 wrote:
TNG - Galaxy Class> D'deridex Warbird
You're reaching. If anything, the Romulan vessels of this era are the equal of their Federation counterparts. LaForge notes that they have a lower maximum velocity but that they're of a superior size and that their weapons and sensors "as good as" those found on Federation ships.

kgartm1185 wrote:
DS9 - Yet again the Galaxy Class seems to outperform than the D'deridex Warbird
Based on what? We don't see a Galaxy-class vessel engage a Romulan ship in this setting.

kgartm1185 wrote:
TOS - Constitution Class> Romulan Bird of Prey/ Romulan D7/ Ktinga
I agree with this. I'll add the caveat that it has no bearing on a hypothetical war between the Federation and the Romulan Empire taking place in the twenty fourth century.

kgartm1185 wrote:
Nemesis - Sovereign Class> Valdore Type Warbird
Again, what are you basing this on? That Donatra's ship was heavily damaged by Shinzon's vessel? As I recall, the Enterprise was in terrible shape herself. Hardly a basis for implying that a Sovereign-class vessel is superior to its Valdore counterpart.

kgartm1185 wrote:
Even in all of the games, Starfleet seems to do better than the Romulans.
Video and computer games are not cannon. You cannot use non-cannon material to support an argument about material that is cannon. Unless you can provide me with dialogue stating that the Federation has more ships, I'm not interested in debating this issue with you any further.

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