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Re: Federation Versus The Romulan Empire

Curiously enough, we don't really even know whether the Federation is bigger than the Romulan Star Empire. There are no onscreen maps depicting the borders of these entities, not unambiguously, and there are no dialogue counts of star systems or other types of real estate.

That Romulans didn't send many ships to fight the Dominion doesn't mean they had fewer than the enemy. The British carefully avoided sending more aircraft to defend France when the situation there became hopeless in 1940; this should not be mistaken for meaning that there was a shortage of aircraft in Britain.

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Doesn't seem like that when our heroes encounter those vessels. Sure, Romulans tend to send two to ensure a kill, but in TOS they sent three to five ships... One-on-one engagements are also typical, and at best Picard can hope for mutual destruction there.

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Based on what? The two never fought, or even postured against each other.

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