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Re: Federation Versus The Romulan Empire

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The Federation is the strongest power in the Milky Way behind the Dominion, Borg, and Species 8472 (or the Undie). It has more ships than the Romulan Empire and more powerful ships to say the least.
They're called the Undine, and they're not actually native to the Milky Way Galaxy. They don't belong on your list. Furthermore, there is absolutely no evidence that the Federation has more ships than the Romulan Empire, as nothing suggesting this is stated on screen. Please limit your points to discussing factual evidence rather than speculating about something that has no basis in fact.

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Plus, remember at the beginning of Star Trek Nemesis when the Romulan is trying to convince the senate to join Shinzon. He says that with Shinzon, not even the Federation would be able to stand in their way. This indicates that the Federation is stronger than the Romulan Star Empire.
It doesn't indicate that at all. The only thing that may inferred from Commander Suran's statement is that the Federation would be less of a threat to Romulus with Shinzon's support, not that the Federation is clearly stronger than the Romulan Empire.

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In the DS9 episode where the Tal Shiar and Obsidian Order Fleets are destroyed. The changeling on one of the Romulan ships says that with the Obsidian Order and Tal Shiar fleet destroyed, the only real threat is the Federation and the Klingons. This means that the Romulans took heavy losses to their fleet.
That someone says something doesn't make it fact. The Dominion made a number of incorrect assumptions about the Alpha Quadrant as they prepared to invade. The Founders had little if any respect for their opponents and weren't likely to say anything favorable about them regarding their military prowess. The destruciton of the Tal Shiar fleet was a significant blow, but it wasn't a death sentence for Romulus by any stretch of the imagination.

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An 2 years isn't a long enough time to rebuild a fleet.
Based on what? Where's your evidence to support this point? The Romulan-Cardassian fleet Tain commanded was composed of twenty ships. Although we've no way of knowing what percentage of the Romulan fleet was lost in that engagement, it's a stretch to believe the entire fleet would need rebuilding after such an incident. After thirty nine Federation ships were lost at olf 359, Shelby estimated that it would take less than a year for the fleet to return to full strength, hardly the two years you're arguing wouldn't be enough time to complete the task.

There actually is evidence that Starfleet has more ships. For one, the Federation is a lot bigger than the Romulan Empire, so it'd need more ships to cover that area. Also, during the Dominion War, there were clearly more Starfleet and Klingon ships than Romulan. Anyways, maybe no one has ever said that Starfleet is stronger than the Romulans, but onscreen evidence sure does point to Starfleet. In the TV shows and movies, Starfleet has always had a more powerful ship than the Romulan's flagship.
TNG - Galaxy Class> D'deridex Warbird
DS9 - Yet again the Galaxy Class seems to outperform than the D'deridex Warbird.
TOS - Constitution Class> Romulan Bird of Prey/ Romulan D7/ Ktinga
Nemesis - Sovereign Class> Valdore Type Warbird
Even in all of the games, Starfleet seems to do better than the Romulans.
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