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Re: When did the perception of Insurrection change?

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And seeing as the Ba'ku claim to the planet predates the existence of the federation by a few DECADES its kind of hard to say its a federation planet. Especially since the Ba'ku were unaware of the federation's existence until they were trying to kidnap them.
That depends. If the area was controlled by another power prior to the Ba'ku landing there and then was ceded to the Federation via treaty or war. Then the Federation would have a viable claim of ownership.
Assuming anyone actually claimed or controlled it during the 21st century. And even IF (and I stress if) the federation had a claim to the planet eminent domain does not work the way this movie and TV in general seems to think it does so what the federation was doing was still pretty illegal.

Even then, the S'ona would have a claim of ownership just as strong as the Ba'ku. Just because they were forced to leave, doesn't mean that their ownership claim would be invalid.
A claim that they were not exercising under their little ruse.
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