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Re: Audition samples for the 12th doctor released

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Or...that could be part of the gag. She-Doctor12 goes on and on about the height change and face, and it doesn't even occur to her to notice the gender change, until....
THE DOCTOR: Have you changed height?
THE DOCTOR: Strange... Mmm... The hair... Reminds me of my third.
CLARA: Ahem...
CLARA: You are...
CLARA: A woman.
THE DOCTOR: Oh, come on, be more open-minded... I hope it's not white. I do not think it sits well in that colour.
CLARA: What?
THE DOCTOR: The hair.
CLARA: How could it be white, you look barely 30!
THE DOCTOR: Oh, come on, be more open... Uh-oh...
CLARA: What?
THE DOCTOR: I guess you were right... [adjusts pants]
CLARA: You should have trusted me, I am not that Sontaran fellow...
THE DOCTOR: You knew that all along, didn't you? And you gave me no warning as you watched me regenerate? Ah, you sly girl! [shakes finger, concealing her embarrassment]
CLARA: Who needs to be more open-minded again?
THE DOCTOR: I need to change... [runs inside the TARDIS]
CLARA: You looked just fine in your present outfit... [contemplates]
THE DOCTOR: [comes back] Could you come for a sec, I think I need a little bit of help.
CLARA: Now, that is new... [grins]
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