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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

This episode was pretty weak. The doctor was beyond obnoxious, and made an average story almost unbearable. Silver Monkey was the most generic villain yet, and Lady Shiva running the League of Assassins was almost infuriating. Unless Lady Shiva is a codename for Talia Al'Ghul in this universe, they've just taken a villainess and put her in a role already filled by perfectly acceptable villains. Are they that desperate to not use the better known Batman villains that they'd give Shiva Ra's group of assassins just so they don't have to show him and Talia? I know she had connections to the League in the old DC comics (part of which lead to the birth of one of my favorite DC characters, Cassandra Cain) but she was never the leader. Its like if they brought in the Metal Men but made them the creations of Professor Ivo, just because Doc Magnus would be too obvious. This is the first episode of bTB that I probably wouldn't watch again. The doctor wasted a lot of time being obnoxious, Silver Monkey was an extremely generic ninja type villain, and it was just overall a very weak episode.
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