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Ocampa are the most silly race ever. Just how do they even reproduce? They give birth standing up through their back and someone has to catch the baby...but what if someone isn't there?
Giraffe give birth standing, with the baby falling about six feet.

Some thoughts, given how quickly the Ocampa mature to adulthood, their pregnancies could be very brief, maybe only two or three months between conception and birth.

The child could be up and tottering the first day.

Actually carrying the baby on her back during pregnancy would definately be easier than how Humans do it, more freedom of movement.. Kind of like a backpack. How the fertized egg gets there is just a matter of plumbing.

Where do Ocampa girl's have their vaginas anyway?

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Both Kes and her daughter were shown to have single children so they don't have litters or anything.
Just as twins (and triplets) run in some Human families, Kes' family might run toward single births. Doesn't mean it's the norm for her people.

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The other problem with them is their senior medical and scientific specialists could have at most only 9 years of experience in their chosen field.
The Ocampa could experience time duration and life events differently than we do. Intellectually, a single year for a Human would be like several years for a Ocampa.

While she did have living quarters assigned to her, was it ever directly stated that Kes needed to sleep?

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