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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

After skillfully engaging Piper with her flirtatious banter, Alex continues to set her trap by reminding the blonde that while she loved the old Piper... loved having sex with the her, Alex was not at all interested in the new un-improved version (the Park slope narcissist.),_Brooklyn.

Now the spider goes in for the kill by making their estrangement all Piper's fault, causing the woman who up till now had been patiently working on the dryer to literally lose her mind.

Alex: Fuck YEAH!
Piper: FUCK YOU! AND THIS DRYER! THIS FUCKING... (she hits the dryer) SHITTY PIECE (she hits it again and again) OF GOD DAMNED DRYER!

She hits it again, hits it so often the ringing noise is causing Alex to cover her ears with her hands to protect herself. Then Piper starts kicking the door to vent her frustration but Alex doesn't mind, look at her, she's enjoying the show as "primal Piper" becomes unleashed. UNTIL Luschek arrived to also "appreciate" primal Piper and discovered Alex stuck in the machine.

Talk about going from 60 mph to 0 in 3 seconds!

Alex: Fuck.

Could Alex have planned this any better?

They flirt, they fight, now they're called into the principal's office to face the consequences of breaking idiotic rules over proper decorum in the laundry room. That's when "bad girl" Alex is at her best, making Piper laugh when Alex teases the authority figure that holds their freedom in his hands.

Alex: I'm more of a dishwasher kind of gal, sir.

Heck, Alex had ME at that line!

After putting both on report, Healy delivers one more "shot' towards the blonde as she tries to leave, harking back to her boyfriend's article in the New York FREAKING Times and the nose he's had out of joint since the track incident last week.

Healy: Chapman, ya think if I wrote stories about you, I might make the papers? I'm gathering a nice collection here.

So... after all this work, did Alex succeed???

You be the judge.

Its a day or 2 later, and Piper is wandering through the suburbs *white girls barracks) whe she stands outside Alex's cubical. Alex is sick in bed, finally having succumbed to the flu. Like a good hostess, Alex sits up on the bed and invites Piper "in". Pipes sits on the bed and listens to Alex plot revenge on Tiffany (the woman who trapped her in the dryer). Piper is obviously out of sorts and Alex gently teases her, drawing a half hearted "push" to her knee by the former lover.

I think that's the first time they've touched this season.

Alex prattles on while Piper just looks away, lost in her own pain. When prattling doesn't work, when humor doesn't work, "sensitive Alex" comes to the fore.

Alex: What's wrong.... really.

And Piper tells her.

Piper: He wrote an article about me...

Later, this would be what Larry will consider the ultimate betrayal. This intimacy of words with a person who could understand exactly what Piper was going through...

And she does... understand what Piper is going through.

Alex slowly reached out and lays her hand on Piper's... slowly stroking her pain away.

Thank god for the sneeze or who KNOWS what they would have been written up for next!
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