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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness out on Blu-ray/DVD September 10th [spoiler

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A question from an aspect ratio n00b.

It was my understanding that filmmaker always shot in widescreen because you got more of the picture that way. Every TV however used a 4:3 ratio and I heard people complain all the time about movies shot in widescreen being altered to fit 4:3 in full.

Why is is now that we actually have HD TV's that are also by design wider that we still get films with the black bars?

Is is just a choice? Certain films are shot wide but in full frame and they look fabulous? Is now just simply a visual preference?
There are different kinds of aspect ratio. 4:3 of course is the "square" look of old TVs. Things that fill the entire screen of today's widescreen TVs are filmed in 16:9. Then there's a variety of different aspect ratios which movies are filmed in depending on director's preference, and when you see a movie in which the black bars still show up on the top and bottom of the screen of your widescreen TV, it's been shot in one of those aspect ratios. Usually it's kept in that ration on DVD or Blu-ray in order to keep the film exactly as you saw it in theatres.
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