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Re: Episode of the Week: 3x05 "The Bonding"

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I disagree about Insurrection. I see that as a matter of individual freedoms, and Star Trek is all about defending people's rights (Unless you're genetically enhanced). Insurrection is basically Avatar but less competently preachy.
The difference between Avatar and Insurrection was that there was really nothing at stake for humanity by not having unobtainium. So fighting against the corporate humans who are in it just for the money is a far more understanding motivation. In Insurrection, the Federation is dealing with the Dominion who at this point in time have actually been winning the war against the Federation. Since the Federation doesn't deal with money, they can actually use this medical advancement to save lives of those on the battlefield and bring in more allies with the tangible promise of a healthier life with an increased life span. It's beneficial to everyone in the galaxy, and the Baku don't even give a crap.

And as for Star Trek being about protecting individual freedoms and defending people's rights? We've seen again and again how our heroes must not interfere with any culture's way of life even if it contains the means to save the whole freaking galaxy. What do you say to that "Up The Long Ladder"?

PICARD: They started out together. It seems only fitting they should end up together.
PULASKI: It's a match made in heaven.
RIKER: Unfortunately it will have to be a shotgun wedding.


Picard: Now, Commander Riker has asked that your laboratories be inspected for stolen tissue samples, and I understand his concern. We may have to transport all your equipment here, to the Enterprise.
Granger: I see. When reason fails, you'll resort to blackmail.
Picard: Fine. Destroy yourselves.
Pulaski: It's not so bad, Captain. In fifty years we'll have a new class M planet, complete with cities, and ready for colonisation.
Picard: You see, the end is closer than you like to think.

Yep. They'll find ways to force a human colony to breed with another human colony that they DON'T WANT TO BREED WITH for the sake of... uh... something. Defenders of individual freedoms and people's rights my aunt fanny. The crew are treating these colonists as nothing more than livestock, and you're defending them for not advancing medical science because they didn't want to inconvenience 600 people. I'm sure if the Dominion had actually won the war, they would have been very, very understanding towards the Baku's wishes for the Dominion to leave their planet alone.
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