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Re: Alexander Marcus/John Paxton connection?

I keep telling you that, but you all keep ignoring me. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. It's hardly a coincidence that Paxton and Marcus look the same. And why does Carol Marcus look like Elizabeth Dehner? Has it ever occurred to anyone they are Bashir's paternal grandmothers? And if Khan stealing the voice of Smaug to lure Dr. Watson wasn't obvious enough, Pike now looks like the POTUS. And what's up with Uhura looking like the cave girl from Avatar and Spock looking like Dr. William Bell? You, young man, can't explain that.

If we think really hard about it on moloko plus, we can go deeper. If Enterprise is not canon, and Into Darkness is not canon, does that mean that they are different, or that they are the same? Is it the same fake continuity, or are they separate universes having each other's fake counterparts? I guess the real question you need to be asking yourself is... Does Enterprise's Quinto have a beard?

I have sent Ensign Marty Stu-Roddenberry to investigate.
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