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Body and Soul -=- OH MY DEAR GOD

I am so glad i didnt skip over this one, because this entire episode had me ROLLING ON THE FLOOR LAUGHING IN TEARS!!

Sevens impersonations of the doctor are just CLASSIC. Jeri totally shines when she steps out of character..

And the fury she shows the doctor at his indescretions is absolutely priceless..

Definitely my fave of Season 7 so far. I was kind of bumming after i finished Unimatrix and its portrayal of voyagers invulnerability in the face of overwhelming borg odds..

(The STV borg scripts CONSTANTLY irk me..Alpha quadrant loses their shit when ONE borg cube comes out of nowhere ... but in the DELTA quadrant, Voyager is invincible.. )

...*sigh*... denigrates everything Captain Picard went through and the entire Wolf 359 saga)
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