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Re: Doctor Who: Who is the Doctor?

22. Gridlock
Brannigan lands the car outside the building of the New New York Senate. He says to Valerie that he would be back within 15 minutes and picks up the Doctor's coat. He then steps outside of the car for the first time in 6 years and walks towards the Senate.

I wonder what the motivation of the Doctor was, to help the citizens of the Undercity after all that has happened. I also wonder why he was looking for this 'Martha' person so! I also think that the Doctor has lost someone, the look of it was in his eyes. I wonde...
Brannigan's train of thought is interrupted as he sees the bodies of the Senate Members scattered all around the chamber.
"Brannigan! There you are! Come and meet your benefactor!" the Doctor says as he comes into Brannigan's feild of veiw.

23. The Shakespeare Code

I watch as the TARDIS disappears and the Queen raving that her sworn enemy had escaped.
How was it that the Lord of Time upsetteth the Queen so? What has or will he do that will upset her so? Will be, or was, Martha there when that occurrance happened? (Possibly not, as Elizabeth has not mentioned Martha yet)
How is it, Doctor, that you do not recognise that Martha's heart throbs for you? Surely your recent loss has not blinded your heart to other possibilties?

24. Smith and Jones
Martha Jones
Who is this person who says that he is "Just the Doctor."? Who seems to know things about these 'Judoon' who have transported the Hospital to the Moon. What is his plan to deal with what is happening? Why is he saying that he is an alien?

25. The Runaway Bride
Donna Noble
I watch as the TARDIS shoots up into the sky. I then reflect on the Doctor's offer.

"You want to come with me?" he asks.
"Why not. The universe is filled with wonders."
"And it is terrible! ..."

Why did you ask me to join you Doctor? Is it because you still want someone even though you have lost your friend? Why did you just stand there as the water rushed in and drowned the Racknoss's children? What ever it was, it must have been absolutely terrible.
"Donna, come on in, out of the snow!" her mother calls.

26. Doomsday
Rose Tyler
Rose is standing on the beach at Bad Wolf Bay after the Doctor's message from their home universe fades away.
Doctor, I will miss you. I hope that you will find someone to keep you company and keep you from being lonely. At the same time, I know that you will never forget me...

27. Army of Ghosts
Jackie Tyler
What is the Doctor trying to do? Track the source of what is causing these apparitions? What if...
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