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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness out on Blu-ray/DVD September 10th [spoiler

^I don't think those lines were ever meant to be in the movie. Just something that vaguely fits the movie's plot and which would get fans talking. VERY vaguely, in this case, since Khan was trying to save his crew first and foremost. The closest to his "You think you're/your world is safe?" in the film is "If you think you're safe at warp, you're wrong."

In the last trailer for STXI, Nero said "I've been waiting for this day my whole life... this day of reckoning." as we saw Vulcan implode. It sent chills up my spine. But guess what? It wasn't just NOT in the movie, it was from the GAG REEL, and Eric Bana continues it with " will die. JJ Abrams will die. Everyone. Will. Die." while staring deadpan into the camera.

I barely pay any attention to film trailers that aren't Star Trek. Is this kind of embellishment the norm? I know it started in Trek with the Generations trailer.
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