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Re: What is the strongest ship in the Federation fleet in the Dominion

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The Defiant still blew up.
Only to be 'resurrected' immediately - identical ship, crew with no losses.

Sran, you remain, as always, a troll.
Actually, that wasn't the same ship. It was the Sao Paulo. And personally I don't get why Sisko wanted another Defiant class ship. I'd be ashamed if I got one of those. I'd rather get an Excelsior, Akira, Galaxy, or Nebula class.
If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, - especially on a tv show -, then it is a duck.

As for the other shown classes of federation ships - as said, on-screen performance against dominion ships - even buffed up cardassian ships - was underwhelming. Have we even seen one take out a dominion bug throughout the show?
Sisko choosing a defiant was out of self-preservation.
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