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Re: [Spoiler] designing the Vengeance

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Namecalling, half threats, shoutmatches..... Being disrespectfull to eachother. Yeah, we're living the true spirit of Star Trek here allright....
Where are any of those things in this thread?
In all honousty..... I suppose you are right. At the moment of writing that, I had just browsed several threads where people were just plain rude to others. Someone was calling some of the writers of TrekLit incompitent hacks for example. In other topics I see people being almost hostile to people that have a different opinion. It got to me. Then I came in this topic, saw something developing (but not there yet) that reminded me of the hostile atmosphere in other topics, and I responded. And not in a way I should have.
As stated earlier in this topic, debating is nice and good. I love it. But most people seem to confuse debating for shouting and namecalling these days. And like I said, I sometimes find that for confusing on a forum devoted to a show that teaches us that people could and should life respectfully with eachother.
Again, my apologies for making a statement that was, at the moment, driven by emotions and that had almost nothing to do with what was going on this topic.
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