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Re: OT: Grammar Cops Unite!

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"I should of gone" - "OF" IS NOT A VERB. You cannot "of". It's "I should have gone" You can have, but you cannot "of." People whose 5th language is English get this right. People from the American public school system have no excuse for being this incompetent.
I, too, cringe whenever I see would of, could of, etc. The problem is people writing what they hear, rather than what they were taught in elementary school. In speech, we usually use the contractions could've, would've, should've, etc. The shortened form of have sounds like of, so that's what gets written. Of course, that doesn't make it right.

"Between him and me" not "Between he and I" - after a preposition, a pronoun MUST BE in the form "me, thee, you, us, you, him, her, it, them." Those are object pronouns, or if you know grammar, they are dative and accusative. People whose 3rd or 4th language is English know this better than people who supposedly graduated the American public school system and most Hollywood writers.
People will casually say "Would you like to have dinner with Mary and I?" even though they'd never say "Would you like to have dinner with I?" While English spelling is ridiculously inconsistent, English grammar is highly logical. Unfortunately, lots of people don't think logically -- at least when it comes to grammar.

Another nitpick of mine is the use of "aren't I" as an interrogative. "Aren't I" is no more correct than "I aren't."

(Somewhat paradoxically, while "ain't" is nonstandard English, "ain't I" is grammatically correct!)

And speaking of homophones, I can understand how it's easy to confuse, say, palate, palette and pallet. But how the hell does anyone make it to the 8th grade, let alone graduate high school, without knowing the difference between principal and principle, affect and effect, accept and except, roll and role, or insight and incite?
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