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Re: Worf in "Parallels"

Richard Baker wrote: View Post
Just imagine what ran through that captains head when he saw thousands of Galaxy class hips apparently decloaking around him...
After all the Enterprises started appearing, Lt. Crusher unceremoniously states, "The Bajoran ship is disengaging, sir." I got a giggle thinking the Bajoran captain's eyes were 10 times their normal size after seeing all those ships appear.

Noddy wrote: View Post
Remember when Worf arrives in the reality where he's first officer and he and Deanna have kids, Data immediately asks him if he's noticed another discontinuity. To me, this proves that that reality's Worf had already been replaced by yet another Worf prior to the arrival of Worf Prime.....ah, it's confusing!
Yah that's the thing. In the reality he jumped into in that scene, Worf, Data, and the doctor were in sickbay already and Data clearly knew why they were there. I'm guessing a whole bunch of Worfs started jumping after passing through the anomaly.
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