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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

Piper has been on easy street for the last few weeks, because she had been the fair haired girl who caught Sam Healy's eye not to mention his imagination. She couldn't know of the mail order Ukrainian bride at home, waiting not so patiently for her green card, and probably suspects little of the bullying he endures from Caputo, his prison supervisor.

So when Piper did an end run around Healy "last week" to get the track reopened for her fellow inmates, he was pissed. Then to read an article about her in the New York FREAKING Times by her LOVER... well, that just sealed her fate. If Healy can't have her the way he wants, then he'll just show her how little she matters in the scheme of things.

Yup... I gleaned all that from one scene where he dumped his copy of the Times in the trash in front of her and poured coffee on top of it after teasing her of its existence and from another scene to be named later.

The rat bastard!

Maybe that's a little harsh... after all, there was another bastard involved in that scene. The one who wrote the article without really interviewing the woman named in the story.

When Larry tells her later, that "some woman" at his celebration claimed she felt like she knew Piper from his words "because" he had captured her "spirit" so well... Piper simply cried as she told her clueless lover, "That girl that you wrote about? That's not me."

Thank god the lady was at the phones again with a ready supply of Kleenex for our misunderstood friend.

Do you remember last week when Crazy Eyes pulled open the waist band of her pants and looked in as she asked Officer Healy to also look? She thought she had the FLU... IN her pants!

I guess he should have looked, because it has hit full force this week and everyone is sick. So sick that Nicky and Piper are the only ones who have shown up for work in the electrical shop.

Luschek... the sexually & racially inappropriate boss of the shop has a new job for them. Go to the laundry and fix a broken dryer. He was nice enough to give them a dryer manual... too bad its printed in Hindu... I SAID he was racially inappropriate.

Uhhh does everyone remember what happened last week when Piper went to the laundry and tried to make nice with Alex?

Yeah, she got shot down.

Guess who's trying to make nice this week... with NICKY!

Nicky: Hey! I hear you have a broken appliance, Ma'am.
Alex: Yeah?
Nicky: Yeah, a real rusty old thing... that needs fixing.
Alex: Oh... (She slips into a southern accent) well... my husband isn't home. HE has the checkbook... hopefully there's some way I can pay you.

Nicky's roleplaying goes too "hetero" for Alex's tastes and she drops the act quickly which is fine by a nervous Piper standing silently in the background.

Before Nicky can tackle the dryer known as Myra, silent Norma has come to fetch Nicky to Mama Red's side, leaving silent Piper alone in the laundry with Alex... and a wrench. (sounds like the board game "Clue".)

Remember last week? (Gosh I ask that a lot!) Last week when Piper tried to engage Alex in banter over a shared experience in Bali? When Piper tried to "make nice" and was blown off by the holier than thou drug runner?

Guess what she's up to this week?

As she watches Piper strap on Nicky's tool belt over her prison scrubs, she sidles over to observe, "You don't look half bad in those." Piper looks stunned, then mumbles "Thanks" before she runs away from Alex and towards the safer "Myra".

Alex, the self described spider in Laura Prepon's (Alex's actress) web, begins the slow seduction of Piper as they bond over prison guard gossip/boxers, over shared mutual distrust of Pennsytucky, and over a broken dryer. I think getting herself trapped by the extra from "Deliverance" was a godsend for Alex. She got to rail and be needy at/with her former lover, not to mention was able to literally be IN HER FACE as the two bantered through the dryer's glass door.

Alex: So what? Nicky never came back?
Piper: (Intent on undoing the latch with the wrench) Your girlfriend? No.
Alex: (BIG SMILE at the distracted blonde) My Girlfriend?
Piper: (Still distracted, she responds breathlessly) Yeah.
Alex: (Still smiling) What's that supposed to mean?
Piper: Nothing, never mind.
Alex: No, what do you mean by that?
Piper: I said nothing! I said... (she finally looks at the smiling Alex) never mind.
Alex: What? You expect ME to wait for YOU to come around?
Piper: Come around?
Alex: Yeah.
Piper: As in... "get back together" come around? Are you kidding me? I'M engaged.
Alex: Right!

Did you notice how skillfully that spider maneuvered that fly into her web?

Heck, and Alex's STILL stuck in the freaking dryer.

(Time for bed, will pick up later!)
"But life is a battle: may we all be enabled to fight it well!" Charlotte Bronte

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