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Re: OT: Grammar Cops Unite!

Other grammar errors:

"I should of gone" - "OF" IS NOT A VERB. You cannot "of". It's "I should have gone" You can have, but you cannot "of." People whose 5th language is English get this right. People from the American public school system have no excuse for being this incompetent.

"If I were..." not "If I was..." - subjunctive mood. If something did not happen it is contrary to fact, and must be subjunctive mood. It's similar to the past tense in English in practically all cases except for "If I/he were..."

"Between him and me" not "Between he and I" - after a preposition, a pronoun MUST BE in the form "me, thee, you, us, you, him, her, it, them." Those are object pronouns, or if you know grammar, they are dative and accusative. People whose 3rd or 4th language is English know this better than people who supposedly graduated the American public school system and most Hollywood writers.

"I would like to thank my parents, Mother Theresa, and God." not "I would like to thank my parents, Mother Theresa and God." The first is a list of three nouns: (1) parents, (2) Mother Theresa, and (3) God. The second is an appositive phrase where the item after "my parents" describes or clarifies it, namely that one's parents are in fact "Mother Theresa and God." It's called the Oxford comma, and you should make use of it. I know it's not current usage in the media or in Commonwealth countries, but it is incredibly helpful to avoid errors in understanding.
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