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Re: NX class ship - what would you change?

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Actually the interior of the ship is one of the things I think Enterprise did right. The bridge was a standard bridge with a few kickbacks to the TOS era of time. The quarters, and hallways and such were crowded and functional as they should be. The engine room was a nice take, it was actually kinda scary looking that giant hulking thing in the middle that apparently made it go. It was a nice ship from the inside.
I liked the aesthetic of most of the ship for sure, and the deckplans I saw here, and here, I'm going to try to follow best I can while writing. I thought it was functional and a reasonable leap from NASA to humanity's first deep space ship.

It looks like C-deck has a nice observation housing for seeing things pass by in space. I might use that in my first story.

I'm going to pass on the 'command center' since there's no Xindi to necessitate getting rid of cargo space for it. Besides, there appear to be plenty of other rooms that serve the same purpose. Any other rooms you'd change or highlight specifically that didn't get enough screen time in your eyes?

And do we even need the saucer impulse engines since we have the main impulse engines also?

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