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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black




episode # 8 Moscow Mule

(SMILE when you call her that. )


As much as I like episode #4, I think this episode epitomizes best what I love about this series... and yes you HAVE to watch 1-7 to even come close to understanding it.

Its the many layers of the multiple storylines that we are now getting on a "weekly" (if we pretend its still one ep/week) basis. Each week we are getting paid off for plot points dropped in previous eps, and we are set up for plot points that won't be explained till the last 2 eps, hell some that won't come to fruition until next season/year!

Unlike the last review, I'm going to start with little moments that would normally be shoehorned into an addendum.

FIRST and foremost, who would have ever guessed that Morello would have a pair of brass balls on her?

When Pornstache had her drive out onto a country road, far from prying eyes, to lean on her to name Red's contraband supplier... you can see that she was scared to death. I think she swallowed about 12 times before he even unbelted his seat belt and leaned across her while threatening un-named bodily harm.

She didn't try to threaten him back, she didn't claim to know someone in the mafia who could make him or his family disappear, she didn't threaten to turn him into his supervisor.

No... she just continued to maintain she knew nothing and if he was going to hurt her, he better get to it.

I think I love ruby red lipped Morello almost as much as Nicky now!

And now I wonder... what did she do to get herself sent to prison in the first place???

It was a nice touch to see Miss Claudette back in the prison library, studying law books, and later to hear her ask Piper what it was like to visit with her fiancÚ in prison. We know from that letter she read a couple "weeks" ago that someone is coming, someone important enough to her that she's willing to risk "hoping" for a better life.

I was encouraged to see Piper take the question seriously, and not to be afraid to ask a few of her own about why Miss C never has visitors.

Harking back to Piper's recent revelations, Miss C answered simply, "I guess I just looked away."

If we didn't have all the background we have on Miss C... that moment wouldn't be as powerful, just as the LACK of background on Morello made her moment MUCH more surprising!

Speaking of quiet moments between friends... what can I say about Poussey and Taystee? Poussey prying into Taystee's experience with the parole board, reassuring Taystee that if she stays Poussey won't try to keep the library job that Taystee loves so much. And later, her joy for Taystee when told the parole came through! Now THAT's how a friend reacts when you get great news, even if it means you are leaving her.

Poussey, you rock!

And now... for the "epilogue"...
"But life is a battle: may we all be enabled to fight it well!" Charlotte Bronte

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