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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

There's nothing wrong with Drug dealers. The government, any government can decide to arbitrarily criminalize anything, and then middlemen have to stand up to supply a need that will not quit.

You want to get rid of pot dealers, then you legalize pot and Big tabocco makes trillions and the government makes billions taxing from both ends. And honestly pot is a much better alternative to tobacco considering the whole cancer thing. But if you illegalize tabacco, then middle men are going to stand up to supply a need that will not quit.

Recently I heard locally that actual human beings were going to jail for smuggling internationally: counterfeit Pokemon collectible card game kits.

Kids know the difference, but poor kids can't afford the real ones, and rich kids won't let the fake cards into their games, and if the rich kids try to play with the poor kids they go home san sandshoes.
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