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Re: The Single Worst Line of Dialogue in the entire Star Trek Franchis

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Nope. If David hadn't used pronto matter, the Genesis Project would never have gotten as far as having a starship (Reliant) searching for a test planet. Then never have been to Ceti Alpha 5, and in turn find Khan. Khan may have been found, later on, by another crew or not at all. None of WoK would have happened had David not used protomatter.
Even if that was the case, how does that make David responsible for the damages and deaths that Saavik is blaming him for? If you write a book about cookies and you decided to go through a different publisher to release the book early, are you responsible for the deaths of fans who died trying to get your book before it's original launch date?

I mean, how the heck was David supposed to know that if he had used Protomatter to get Genesis working that it would cause the Reliant to not notice that Ceti-Alpha Six exploded and that Ceti-Alpha Five was now a barren waste land? There is no way he could have known, so why pass judgement on him?
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