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Re: When did the perception of Insurrection change?

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My issues with the conflict in INS was the fact that Picard isn't thinking it through: The Baku aren't native to the planet, there's a few hundred so, and the tech could save millions. Pack 'em up, move 'em out. I get his point about "when does it get to be wrong", but sorry Picard needs of the many and all that.

Now, had it been a massively populated planet, no way to evac the natives, and millions or billions would die to harvest the rings, that'd make sense to me.

you'll notice that the ENTIRE debate over the issue lasts for about a minute, and they don't give Dougherty effective response time. It's a pretty clear indication that the premise couldn't withstand much scrutiny.

And then when we learn that the Son'a and Baku are actually the same group, it makes the Baku case even WEAKER, as it gives the Son'a equal claim to the planet.
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