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Re: Mini series between Wrath of Kahn and Search for Spock?

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Ok Guys and Gals thanks for the Replies. I was talking about this with a friend at work. I do know for a fact that it definitly was not a comic that I read or saw. do not read them.

What my friend and I were wondering was if it is possible the copy of the VHS tape I saw was one of the 1st productions of the movie on Tape and at the time there were thoughts or plans to make a series on tv to span the gap? if that were true though I kind of thought that there would have been some mention of it on a wiki or something.
Not possible. At the time TWOK was released, the general consensus was that it would be the last Star Trek film. It was only after the film performed well at the box-office and fans demanded that Spock be allowed to return in a subsequent movie that The Search for Spock was put on the drawing board. There were never any plans for a TV movie or mini-series to span the gap between the two films.

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