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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Here is the video, fast forward to the end and you'll see a shadow and if you still claim not to see one then something is up because there is a shadow on top of the shuttle as it enters the now smaller bay. I don't know about something called astris something, what is that?
I see the shadow now right at the end, but the shuttle still looks too far away to be inside the hangar - and as I posted earlier, there's one of the 40' STXI shuttles sitting in there just as they were in the last movie. Perhaps it's simply the shuttle moving from being in direct sunlight to being in the shadow of the Enterprise's engineering hull?

The site I was referring to was the fansite
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I overlaid the rearranged set plan over a fan-made picture of the Enterprise. Since there have been no official orthographic views released they're all we've got - and they all differ a little. This one has a window drawn too wide and is angled when the one in the movie is narrower and straight up.

It's still wrong though and someone should enlarge the bridge to fit that window, for the sake of accuracy. Of course then that would mean the shaft thing is no below the dome on top, truth be told we don't really know where it is.
Again, it's the picture of the Enterprise which is inaccurate. The slanting rim of the deck structure and window aren't that shape on the actual model, where there is no slant, the window is recessed and narrower

If the turbolift plaza isn't at the centre of the saucer, with the domes on top and bottom looking out into space, where else on the ship could it possibly be? Their intention that it is there couldn't be clearer - and as I showed, the two sets fit back to back on a 725m Enterprise. That cannot be coincidence.

And remember again that there are the enourmous brewery engineering sections to consider, which would never fit into an engineering hull that's 30m across at it's very widest point.

I can't understand how all this evidence can possibly be discounted. The insides simply would not fit. You'd be ignoring so much of the two movies in order to pretend the new ship is the same size as the old one, you might as well ignore them and it altogether.
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