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Re: Marriage in Nutrek

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Isn't that what I said. Read between the lines. Its old-fashioned to marry and have kids in that order. I am old-fashioned. I am not trendy. I am boring (Surely you've worked that out by now if you've read any of my posts )
Probably I did, but I guess it wasn't very memorable.

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But 30 years ago it was more shocking to see unmarried people having children and not having anything to do with their children. At least in my neck of the woods At The End of The Universe. Now everyone does it. It lost its shock value for me a long long time ago.
Times are a-changing. For the good, mostly.

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this society we live in has proven time and time again that it is best for a child to be raised in a household where the father and mother are either married or are in some sort of commitment (domestic partnership) with one another.
Emphasis mine. Marriage is just one way to form a family. Besides, kids are better off in functional families, opposed to dysfunctional families. The composition of such families isn't that important.

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Of course there are circumstances (death of a parent , illegitimacy, domestic violence or divorce) when most children would not be able to experience the traditional family structure.
The "traditional family structure" is anything but traditional, as it is a 20th century invention. The real "traditional family structure" is 2 grandparents, 7 siblings (4 of which living with a spouse), 9 kids, 2 horses, a few cows, some pigs, and a whole bunch of chickens living under the same roof.

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However , when an opportunity is given for a child to have a mother and father as a married or stable couple, I say no child should be denied that.
I am eager to read how, short of shotgun marriages, you intend to guarantee such "right" of the child.

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For the past 3 weeks since the Travyon Martin case , race and the family unit has been a hot topic in America . 73% of African American (AA) kids are born out of wedlock with absent fathers, this scenarios has contributed to why a lot of African American men go down the thug life which only leads to imprisonment, drugs and death.
Holy racially inappropriate comment, Batman!

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So I say Trek should keep the traditional family unit structure.
I think Scotty might have something to say about having farm animals all over his engines, but hey, it's tradition!

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Forgive me for ranting but I am just so sick of how most young people of this generation have come to embrace the baby mama and baby daddy nonsense.
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