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No, no...I did not mean that at all. I meant Parts 1 AND 2! I would never watch a part 1 and then not the part 2! Never!

And I only listed my faves from seasons 5~7 because that is was the OP asked for. I have another list somewhere of my favorites from the entire series.

I like all 7 seasons. However, I tend to rewatch more from 5~7. They are more like two seperate shows for me, kind of. So I have my favorites from 1~3 and then also from 5~7.

One of my faves from the early ones is Future's End. I love Sarah Silverman's character. And I'm a fan of Ed Begley Jr.
And I appreciate it! I have already seen every episode in S1-S4.. i only started skipping in Season 5

AND I LOVED FUTURES END!! That is a star trek hall of famer.. Flawless execution and memorable lines..Equal to any of the TNG or DS9 back in time episodes..

You're right, S1-S4 (which i think is where kes left) seems to be a completely different series than S5+
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