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Character Interactions You'd Like to See

Picking up where the "Favorite Trek Character" thread leaves off, let's discuss character interactions that have never happened but each of us would like to see. Characters existing only in novels are welcome, too. Here are a few I wish could happen:

1. Kirk/Dukat
2. Kirk/Weyoun
3. Kirk/Martok
4. Kirk/Calhoun
5. Spock/Sisko
6. Spock/Dukat
7. Spock/Q
8. Spock/Weyoun
9. Spock/Garak
10. McCoy/Bashir
11. Scotty/O'Brien
12. Decker & Ilia/Riker & Troi
13. Picard/Weyoun
14. Picard/Female Changeling
15. Picard/Khan
16. K'Ehleyr/Selar
17. K'Ehleyr/Torres
18. Sisko/Calhoun
19. Sisko/Khan
20. Sisko/Janeway
21. Bashir/Khan
22. Weyoun/Brunt
23. Seven/Mueller

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